2017: Here’s to the ones who dream


  • Amber Veatch says:

    Love this Laura! Your willingness to live boldly and chase your dreams is infectious. You deserve all the success. Love your heart! Cheers to a great new year.

  • Heather Irene Parker says:

    So excited for this new chapter! He certainly is doing some great things with and through you!

  • Ly Sué says:

    This is beautiful Laura! I am so happy and excited for you! You are so inspiring!!!

    • Laura says:

      The feeling is mutual, sweet friend! I love seeing you as a mama & your soon-arriving sweet little girl is going to be so blessed to be your daughter!

  • Lauren Spillman says:

    Hi Laura!!
    Not sure if you remember me, since I kinda knew your brothers and parents a bit better than you, but I follow your journey through FB:) THIS. POST. Girl! THIS. POST. I cried! Thanks for sharing your heart! You are incredibly gifted, and I LOVE how you always point it back to Him who gave you those gifts. I’m an entrepreneur as well, and I find myself having great big dreams but shelving most of them to do the mom thing:) No regrets on that, for sure. But I’ll continue to be inspired by you while I wait for all of them to be in school;) Thanks for being REAL and inspiring to me and many others!!! Keep it up!!
    🙂 Lauren

    • Laura says:

      Thank you so much, Lauren! Your words are so kind. It’s amazing how He puts us in the season that most stretches us to dependence, when we are willing. I am sure He has great things in store for you, especially through the patience He is teaching you. Thank you for your encouragement!!

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