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Within the wedding planning and preparation, we absolutely love crafting the bridal bouquet! It’s an intricate piece whose blooms beautifully accentuate the bride on her special day. However, after the wedding festivities are over, many have no clue what to do with the floral piece.

We are so excited to share with you that recently Ashton Events was featured on Honey Fund’s blog! We loved getting to collaborate with them. This fun post gives insider tips on some of the best ways for a bride to preserve or recycle her bouquet.

Some featured tips include:

Dry it out! A great way to maintain the bouquet is by hanging the flowers upside down. This makes the blooms dry out in a natural way and allows for the bride to arrange it around the house as a table centerpiece or perhaps mounted gently onto a wall as a memento from the day you said “I do.”

Dedicate it! This is an amazing opportunity to honor a beloved family member or friend who has made a significant impact in your life. Pull them aside and dedicate the floral arrangement to them personally. This thoughtful gesture is a great way to give back.

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The Post-Wedding To Do List

The big day has come and gone and now you find yourself a bit shell-shocked. For months everything has been planned, arranged, and talked about with one day in mind. Now that the day has passed, it can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you get your post wedding “to-do” list done.

Thank you notes

This is the most dreaded of all chores, but it is absolutely necessary. Your guests traveled far and wide to participate in your life-changing event. The least you can do is send them a proper thank you. Do this first, and get it out of the way. You will be glad you did!

 Honeymoon registry

If you are sure all the people who wish to contribute have, you should contact your honeymoon registry about removing your account. Remember, these sites are linked to the internet, so your site will continue to come up when your name is searched. If your account is through a premier site like Honeyfund or if you have a crowdfunding site for charity or a good cause through Plumfund you may opt to keep the site up for a few weeks after the wedding, to collect additional funds or for guests that were unable to attend.

Returns and purchases

If you did not get all the pieces you needed for a set, such as dishes or linen, make the additional purchases now while the product is available.  If you have items to return, take care of those as well to offset the expense.

The gown

If you are going to keep your wedding gown, have it cleaned and packaged for storing. Do not chance ruining the gown by packing it away with stains and soils on the fabric. You may have a future use for the gown. Whether a future daughter or granddaughter wear the gown in the future or if you one day have the gown remade into a christening gown for an infant, you want a fresh and beautiful gown when it is unpacked.


Leftover decorations, flowers, favors, and shower supplies have a way of accumulating during your wedding. Clean-up. Sell or give away any leftovers you no longer need. Craigslist and Facebook are great resources to contact future brides.  Have a yard sale. Give yourself a month to discard all of the leftovers.  At the end of the month, donate the items to the Salvation Army or a local charity.

Fight the post-bride blues

While it is normal for the bride to go through the “let-down” side of getting married. Suddenly the excitement is over and the plans are finished and something that has taken a significant number of your time is no more. Take care of yourself. Eat well and limit sugars and caffeine. Get plenty of sleep and exercise. Expose yourself to at least 15 minutes of the sunshine per day. Take advantage of the downtime with positive actions and you will fare very well. Include your new spouse in this plan of action.

You are well on your way to normalcy. Just keep pushing and do not let the details get in your way.


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We were so honored to recently collaborate through a feature for the summer wedding edition of The Lakelander! From vibrant floral arrangements to elegant bridal gowns, the essence of Ashton Events was captured throughout every detail. In our article feature, we gave you the top 10 tips for hosting your wedding in Lakeland, and we highlighted its best unique features. Check out the article on page 31 of the issue here!

An additional tip we have for you:

We have plenty of sweet tooth havens in town! Katara Confectionary, Jaime from JaimeCakes, Got Candy, Nook Bakery and Publix Bakery are all perfect choices to help make your Lakeland wedding day a success.

Here is a preview of more from the breath-taking photoshoots.

To start us off, we did a feature on floral arrangements with local editor and photographer, Tina Sargeant, to capture the beautiful details. We were thrilled to work alongside Heather from TaylorMade Floral & Event Design and Lisa from WISH Vintage Rentals.






For this bridal-inspirational shoot, we partnered with Jordan Weiland Photography to help capture the stunning talent. Mass Market was incredibly charming with its nostalgic white bricks and wooden features.




Wardrobe styling by Mercedes Grainger
Photography by Jordan Weiland
Hair by Maggie Hall of Tracy and Company
Makeup by Yolanda Floyd and Melissa Kinsey of Salon Salvatore
Prop styling by Lisa Malott of WISH Vintage Rentals
Floral designs by Laura Helm of Ashton Events
Models – Kimberlee Howe & Madeline Brand – BMG; Jacqueline Hoag – Modern Muse

Dress Sources:
Anna Campbell “Eloise” gown from Malindy Elene
Alvina Valenta #9551 from Malindy Elene
Daalarna Couture from The Bride Tampa
Casablanca #2141 from Robyn Lynn