Well folks, I woke up to a belated Christmas present this morning. We are delighted to be featured on Every Last Detail today with some of my absolute favorite vendors, and to finally get to show you these stunning pictures of Starlit Supper from Best Photography! Asha, from Bright Frame Films, also captured a gorgeous video of the evening which you’ll want to check out on the feature.


Starlit Supper has grown to be one of my favorite days of the year both professionally and creatively. The inspiration-shoot-turned-dinner-party concept is something that Lauren and Megan brought to me three years ago, and each year we put together a team of incredible vendors to make it happen. I couldn’t be more excited to share this with you!



Fun fact- Starlit Supper always occurs the night before Pantone announces their annual “color of the year.” I’m not quite sure how we’ve managed to do it- but we’ve somehow been fortunate enough to design an event around that color before we even know what it is! With “Marsala” being the 2015′s color, I cannot wait to see all of the inspiration the color will bring to the wedding industry this year.


I could honestly go on for hours about this evening. Every time I turned around that night, there was another seemingly magical moment happening. The vendors blew me away with their ideas and contributions. I think we were all inspired by the venue, and you can read all about the details from me on theELD.com today!



I owe a quick shout out to our #starlitcouple, Kristin & Kevin! They were so much fun to work with- and can I get an “amen” on how perfect they were!?


I simply can’t resist posting a few more images myself- so I thought I’d share a few little fun moments that you won’t find on ELD. I loved how this tulle “skirt” curtain turned out! It was the most playful nod to the inspiration that evening, and also kept our guests curious during cocktail hour.


And I love Siuleth’s sign she made for the bathroom!



The magnetic menus were one of my favorite details of the night- and I loved how the magnet mimicked the exposed brick of the theatre.




This was our first year moving indoors for the event, and DJ Jacob Towe took our breath away with the incredible projections he magically danced upon the walls.



Oh! And Wish Vintage’s marbled lamps combined with their Elio stools- such a subtle, but perfect nod to the dining area!


I’ve been hinting on IG for a while about a big change coming to Ashton Events in 2015. I’ll expound on it more soon, but a keen eye can quickly pick up on it with this feature. For now, enjoy these amazing images from Best Photography (thank you Josh & Rachel!), and make sure you check out the complete feature on ELD!


Photographer: Best Photography/ Planning, Design & Floral collaboration: Ashton Events/ Floral Collaboration: Flowerly Studio/ Catering: Puff ‘n Stuff/ Reception Venue: Rialto Theatre/ Invitations & Stationery: Eleven Note/Cake Baker: Hands on Sweets/ Vintage Flatware & Glasses: Dishie Rentals/ Lounge Furniture: Wish Vintage Rentals/ Videography: Bright Frame Films/ Linens: Kate Ryan Linens/ Bride’s Dress: Malindy Elene/ Photobooth:Banter Booth/ Entertainment & Lighting: DJ Jacob/ Hair & Makeup: Collective Creations/ Tables & Chargers:Signature Event Rentals/ Chairs & Bar: AFR/ Lasercut escort names & Starlit Supper photo booth prop:Host and Toast Studio

spring intern graphic


Hello again!

With the busy holiday season ahead, we decided to reveal our very own Ashton Events gift: we are looking for a top-notch spring intern! This position will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the wonderful (wacky) world of event planning & design. The time commitment we are hoping for is 5-7 hours during the week, plus event days (mainly Saturdays!). The internship will run for the Spring semester, with the possibility of returning in the fall of 2015! The position is paid and those details will be discussed with qualified candidates. We’re also happy to work with you if college credit is needed. Please note that you must be available to work out of our downtown Lakeland office.


         •      cheerful & upbeat

         •      organized & detail-oriented

         •      passionate about design and/or event industry

         •      socia media guru

         •      fluent in Adobe Creative Suite

         •      fluent in Microsoft Office

         •      naturally creative and innovative

         •      decisive & a problem solver

         •      has a strong knack for crafting

         •      available for event days, specifically during March and April

         •      has access to a Mac laptop


         ▪      Update website galleries & social media accounts

         ▪      Format event photos and upload to the web

         ▪      Source materials for events in person and online

         ▪      Craft decorations and paper goods for events

         ▪      Assist at events on the weekends

         ▪      Creating awesome playlists for crafting sessions (for serious)

To apply, create a Pinterest board (your 20 best pins!) that explains why you would be a superb fit for Ashton Events. Send a link to the board (creativity & ingenuity are enthusiastically encouraged!) as well as a short resume, to hello@ashtonevents.com. The application deadline is next Monday, December 1st. We’ll be in touch with the applicants that seem like the right fit within the next two weeks.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Laura, Sarahi & Anna Marie

My Tribe

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I’d love to introduce you to three lovely ladies. They’re absolute rockstars and are my tribe. They are the people who have been with me on the long days of this wedding season, seen the beautiful events, and have witnessed the aftermath of my car’s clutter at the end of the night. They’re also the people who then help me sort through it and put life back into balance.

These three, they’re the best.


When I originally started Ashton Events, I desperately wanted to keep it small. I have always loved offering my clients a boutique experience, and intentionality is of upmost importance to me. Several times over the past four years, I fought the idea of adding people to my team, worried about the effect it might have on my company. As I think back on it, the most ironic part of that struggle is that I have been on teams for 20+ years of my life. From soccer, to basketball, to tennis, I grew up with a deep appreciation for working with others. I’m fully aware of the significance of iron sharpening iron, and am so grateful for the beauty of sincere relationships. I thrive in teams. I love the dynamic, the give-and-take, the blend of talents.

For most of 2014, I’ve been challenged by peers, mentors, and fellow industry professionals to take that leap. I heard so many people say “You’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner!” After lots of prayer, and a whole lot of conversation, I did it! I took the plunge and hired this little lady.


Meet Sarahi:

My dearest friends describe me as transparent, adventurous and grounded. I love and live for genuine relationships!

My favorite way to celebrate is with a Coke Slurpee at hand relaxing with those whom are dear to my heart.

You’d be surprised to learn that English is my second language and I often read people’s lips because there are still words I often don’t understand (Mind blowing for some considering I’ve been in the US for 16 years)!

The sweetest memory from my wedding was when I realized all my family and closest friends had come out to celebrate us! We had people from all over the nation and the world!

On a perfect day, you’d find me having meaningful conversation with friends eating some great food. Something always good happens when those two are in the mix!

The best part of my job is watching the groom see his bride for the first time… His “heart is happy” and there’s not many times one encounters such genuine emotion, it makes my heart happy too!!!


I hired Sarahi back in July, and she is now helping with the non-visual logistics for our clients. She loves a good checklist and is a champ with problem-solving and making wise decisions. She may be pint-sized (she’s actually standing on the curb in the picture above), but she is great at taking charge and helping execute our timelines! She’s also the most conscientious person I’ve ever met, and is quick to encourage the people around her.

*Little known fact: when Sarahi is tired, she often falls back into speaking Spanish. Naturally, that has made event tear-downs far more entertaining. :)

In August, I knew I needed to add on a few more hands to help manage the flow of wedding season. I put out a call for Fall Interns, and these two sweet girls eagerly applied.


 Meet Georgia Lynn:


My dearest friends describe me as artistic, tall, down to earth, talented, and funny.

My favorite way to celebrate is sharing a slice of Black & Brew’s chocolate cake with my friends

You’d be surprised to learn that over the summer I drove across the country. My best friend and I drove from Kansas to California and back again, and then my sister and I drove from Kansas to Florida!

The sweetest moment at a wedding is seeing the way a couple cuts their cake. It’s so fun to see what they do, whether it is lovingly feeding it to each other or romantically smashing it in their faces. It says so much about the couple, and no matter what you can’t help but smile!

On a perfect day, you’d find me outside! From kayaking on the lake to writing in my journal, I love to be outdoors doing things.

If I could learn anything, I would love to learn to play the piano. I think it’s such a beautiful instrument.

The soundtrack of my life would have to include a little bit of everything! My music taste is all over the place. As a Kansas girl, I would have to have some country in there- definitely Eric Church! But I also would need a little bit of everything from Zoe Keating to Mayday Parade.

Georgia Lynn is from Kansas and is constantly looking for inspiration. She’s got a creative eye and is quick to appreciate the details.

Meet Anna Marie:


My dearest friends describe me as funny, giving, and the best dancer while driving a car.

My favorite way to celebrate is eating as many tacos with my friends as I can bear.

You’d be surprised to learn that I can solve a Rubix Cube in under 2 minutes! (I learned from Youtube, I’m not a genius.)

The sweetest moment at a wedding is when the bride and groom enter their reception. There is so much celebration and joy! And most of time by this point, everyone has relaxed a bit and you get to see more of the bride and groom’s personality.

On a perfect day, you’d find me eating good food and reading a good book, after being just showered and sitting outside somewhere (assuming I’m not in Florida.)

If I could learn anything, I would love to learn how to speak Tonga. It’s the main language of Zambia, where I’ve visited 3 times and am going back to this summer for three months. I would love being able to directly connect with people.

The soundtrack of my life would have to include “Come on Eileen” by Dexys Midnight Runners, “David Livingstone” by Jon Bryant, and my absolute favorite–Over the Rainbow” by Judy Garland.

Anna Marie is our group-elected playlist maker. On road trips to site visits, or for our late night car rides post-event, Anna Marie keeps us entertained. She is a task master, and can get through a to-do list in record time.

I am so, so grateful for these three. They bring so much life & talent to Ashton Events! Will you help me out by giving them a round of applause? Trust me, they deserve it! I also owe a big thank you to Jordan Weiland for taking our pictures!

Have a wonderful evening!