C+F’s Gasparilla Island wedding weekend was nothing short of amazing. From the beachy welcome party to their fun-filled night of dancing in a makeshift London nightclub, the whole weekend was full of love and celebration. Today we’re giving you all the details on their disco themed afterparty that followed the reception.

Guests were led by the brass section of the band via conga line from the reception to another room at the Gasparilla Inn. One of C+F’s all-time favorite nightclubs “Tramp” in London was the inspo for this killer party. So, we created a Floridain disco version in honor of the groom, including some amazing projections that filled the room as guests danced the night away!

These two just wanted to keep the celebration going! We love this “fun” light up sign on the bar, it was the perfect touch along with the Framp napkins!

Guests were served piña coladas in these fantastic disco ball cups. Yes please!

In addition to their disco ball drinks, they also had a table of delicious desserts available for their guests!

“Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” This holographic vinyl decal on the dance floor was a fantastic little added detail, especially in combination with DJ Jacob Co’s dancing music!

C+F danced the night away with their guests until almost 3 in the morning! They take the cake on throwing a FUN-filled wedding weekend.

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