For those of you who don’t know her… meet Susan, our Decor Manager, otherwise known as the MVP around here! She has us laughing constantly and is a fundamental part of the AE team. She is spunky, hard working, and lights up any room she walks in. We love you Susan!

1. Sheriff Grady Judd This wasn’t technically on her list… but I’m gonna do her a solid and add it on her behalf. Susan loves Sheriff Grady Judd more than basically anything. She even scored herself a ride along with him a few months ago (which we would have paid so much money to see)!


2. Downy Unstopables “For what ever reason.. maybe its because I live in an 85 year old house… my laundry has never smelled fresh…until I found Unstopables!”


3. Kevin Murphy Oil Free Anti Gravity Lotion and Hairspray “This has changed my hair game completely, especially with the humidity and hair that wants to go frizzy on me. Plus it smells amazing!”

4. Soma’s Cool Night PJs “I loooove my pajamas! I like my pajamas to be comfortable and I often like to be in them before “dark-thirty.” These are comfortable, keep me cool at night, and soft!!!”

5. Her AC…
“This kinda goes along with the PJ’s.. but having the AC automatically start cooling the house to about 68 degrees every night at 9pm makes for a great nights sleep. I love layers and blankets and being warm in my bed while the air is nice and chilly!”

6. Last but definitely not least (honestly it’s probably the most important)… Publix BOGO wine deals! “I would be remiss if I didn’t give props to Publix for their BOGO wine specials. I love Cabernet and I can usually pick up some nice bottles. Love you Publix!” Amen Susan, amen.

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